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DIY vs Deck Restoration

Sometimes Doing It Yourself (DIY) makes sense as a cost savings measure; however, some projects are worth spending a bit extra to know the job is done right and the best products are used. At Renew Crew of the Triangle, we know your deck is a valuable asset of the home. It can be expensive to replace. Renting a power washer and using harsh chemicals can damage the wood. Finding a paint or stain at Home Depot or Lowe’s that will give you the best protection, look great, and make it easy to maintain can be overwhelming. You know your deck will need to be refreshed every several years, but which products cause you to sand the entire deck before restaining and which products penetrate and make it much easier to maintain? DIY can be more involved than you know. Let the professionals at Renew Crew of the Triangle restore your deck for you.

The Hazards of DIY Pressure Washing and Staining

It’s little known; but, so much can go wrong when you pressure wash soft surfaces like wooden fences or decks yourself. Lack of experience using the equipment, using the wrong spray tip with the incorrect PSI, and using the wrong cleaning solution all add up to potential damage to your deck and harm to the surrounding landscape. Pressure washing a soft material like wood takes skill and practice, performing this task incorrectly can splinter the wood or gouge the surface, actually quickening the degradation of the wood and reducing the life of your deck.

Picking the correct product while staining and sealing wood surfaces is critical to prolonging the life of your deck and enjoying the beauty of your outdoor living area. Choosing the wrong stain can be a nightmare and may be irreversible or cause costly corrective measures. Film-forming stains create a layer on the surface that can flake or wear off unevenly, once this happens, your deck needs to be sanded during the restaining process. Our products are designed to penetrate the wood grain and create a barrier in the wood instead of on the surface. Once we’re through, your wood stains will be much easier to maintain. They also do not require the deck to be sanded prior to the re-staining process.

Inexperienced DIY projects can result in having to replace or repair the deck much sooner than expected. Let Renew Crew evaluate the best solution for your home’s deck or fence and complete the project for you. Our team of technicians are experienced and highly-skilled in this work.

Renew Crew of the Triangle Does It Right

Renew Crew’s 3-step proprietary restoration process will clean and restore the surface of the deck without causing any extra damage. The eco-friendly pre-soak foam loosens dirt from the depths of the surface we’re treating. Then our professionally-executed pressure washing will completely clean the deck, leaving it looking years younger. Finally, with a wide array of stains, sealants and paint colors to choose from, the deck will be fully restored to like-new condition. We can accomplish all this on time and on budget.

If you own a home or business in the Raleigh and Cary, NC area, call Renew Crew of the Triangle for a free estimate and stress free, professional service.

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