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Why not rent a power washer and clean the patio or walkway myself?

Incorrect power washer settings and most cleaning chemicals on the market are not only dangerous for your hands, but they can also damage your brick patio, wood fence or deck, and other outdoor surfaces. The experts at Renew Crew have a proprietary 3-step process for dealing with dirt and mold effectively. We use a cleaning solution that is gentle on your surface and surrounding landscape and add a protective sealant to your surface to prevent grime from building up as quickly.

Sunshine and rain faded my wooden deck. Can you restore it?

Weather elements can cause noticeable fading to wood that has not been protected. Weather elements can make your wood decking crack, fade, and turn gray. Luckily, we can restore the appearance of wood by using our proprietary cleaning products, sealing, and adding a tint to your wood. We can restore its natural color and help protect it from further damage from the sun.

I have noticed mold growth on my concrete floor, can you help?

Mildew and mold can cause respiratory issues at home. Our 3-step process can effectively clean away the rooted mold and seal your concrete floor to discourage mold growth in the future. At Renew Crew of the Triangle, we can clean the surfaces promptly before the mold causes further health problems.

I have brick pavers that have become very dull and slippery. What can you do about them?

Our experienced technicians at Renew Crew of the Triangle will first identify the problem with your hardscape. We will then tailor a plan to clean your concrete and brick surfaces effectively. We start by adding a gentle cleansing foam to soak and lift the slime and grime hidden deep into your porus hardscape, then gently power wash the surface before sealing the surface to protect it from further dirt and grime. This process will restore its appearance. You can also choose the kind of finish we apply to your paver, patio, or walkway. We have options from high gloss to matte finish.

Can you remove oil stains from vinyl and wood too?

Yes! We can remove stubborn oil stains on your vinyl and wood surfaces.

Is your consultation risk-free?

Absolutely. Our consultations are free of charge and you’re under no obligation to continue with our services after our call or meeting. Call us to schedule yours today!

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