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A dirty driveway and sidewalk can ruin the curb appeal of your home. Over time, that grime can begin to breakdown the pavement. Once it does, in just a few years your driveway or sidewalk may need repair, which can be expensive, inconvenient and time consuming. Keeping up with the cleaning and sealing of your driveway or sidewalk can make a huge improvement on the home’s curb appeal while protecting its surface for years to come.

3-Steps to Clean and Protect

Renew Crew of the Triangle offers a 3-step process for driveway cleaning and protecting. The first soaking step lifts and loosens ground-in dirt with eco-friendly cleaning foam, followed by a gentle pressure wash that won’t further damage the aging pavement. After the washing process, the concrete will look like new, striping years away from the appearance of the entire property.

However, left unprotected, the driveway will simply accumulate more damaging grit and dirt and the aging process kicks back in. That’s why the third and final step of our process is needed to seal the pavement, protecting it from the elements for years.

Don’t Delay

Once the signs of age first appear on your sidewalk, it is only a matter of time before it will begin to crack and crumble. Sidewalk cleaning and protecting can slow the aging process. Avoid calling contractors, with their jackhammers, heavy equipment, dust and seemingly unending process, to repair your walkway. Save time, money and reap the rewards of completing maintenance for your property by simply having the sidewalks and driveways cleaned and protected.

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