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Although most people regard it as indestructible, concrete needs upkeep too. It’s not a “pour and forget” kind of thing. Uncared for, concrete can chip, crack, and break. And if you think caring for concrete sounds like a headache, imagine what removing and replacing it is like.

Carefree Renewal

Fortunately, Renew Crew can help you avoid costly repairs. We clean and protect concrete to keep it looking great while it is shielded from damage. Our unique 3-step concrete cleaning process is designed to revitalize and improve the longevity of your concrete.

A Renew Crew Cleaning focuses on:

  • Applying our special foam to your concrete surfaces
  • Using a safe pressure for power cleaning your concrete patio or other areas
  • Coating the now-clean surfaces with a protective sealant designed to keep elements out and preserve and prolong the integrity of the concrete

    With the use of our highly effective and eco-friendly presoak, we don’t have to use a high powered pressure setting to wash away dirt and grime. The cleaner doesn’t harm your landscaping and neither does the water pressure.

    Our Special Polymer Sealant

    Since our sealant leaves your concrete or paver protected, you don’t need to worry about water freezing and expanding in cracks and pores or the UV rays from the hot summer sun causing the color to fade. We’ve thought of you in every step!

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