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Cary Wood Deck Renewal and Restoration

When you need to restore your deck, nothing beats Renew Crew of the Triangle. For a deep, long-lasting clean, there’s nothing better for outdoor surfaces. While a lot of pressure washing services promise a clean deck or patio, they can’t hold a candle to the a Renew Crew clean.

See the Difference

Renew Crew of the Triangle has specially formulated a meticulous 3-step process that will leave your outdoor surface not only deep down clean, but also protected and restored. Our first step is a safe and effective deep soaking foam that reaches into the fibers of your wood or concrete and loosens the most stubborn dirt. Then we use a gentle pressure washing stream to rinse away the grime to reveal the hidden beauty of your wood or concrete. We finish our service with a sealant that will protect your wood or concrete from harsh elements including UV rays while enhancing the uncovered natural beauty.

The Quality Speaks for Itself

The outcome of our 3-step process is a clean than any pressure washing company would envy. Renew Crew of the Triangle makes your Cary deck, siding, concrete, etc. appear like new!

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