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Renew Crew of the Triangle offers one of a kind pressure washing services in Chapel Hill. To get a deep, long-lasting clean, there’s nothing better for outside surfaces than a good power washing. However, if done incorrectly, you can end up with damages that require repair. Renew Crew has the experience and knowhow to save you from a potential disaster.

The Difference of Renew Crew!

Renew Crew has spent over 20 years developing a meticulous 3-step process to give you a deep clean while avoiding damage to your outdoor surfaces. Our unique steps give you the cleanest deck, patio, fence or siding possible without danger of damage. We don’t just clean, we restore!

Three Steps to Restoration

Step one: We use our unique pre-soak foam to reach even the deepest dirt, grime and greyed wood fibers.
Step two:We use a lower power washing setting than most companies. Because our presoak loosens the deep down dirt and grime, we don’t have to gouge your wood or concrete to wash away every last bit.
Step three: To make sure your newly restored deck or patio stays looking great, we apply a tinted sealant that will not only enhance the natural beauty, but will protect it from harsh weather and harmful UV rays.

The end result of Renew Crew’s 3-step process is a brighter clean than any other pressure washing company can provide. Give us a call today for all your deck restoration needs!

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