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Durham Deck Cleaning and Restoration

Over time, the beauty of your deck or patio can fade leaving you wondering if you’ll have to replace your structure. Don’t replace! Restore with Renew Crew of the Triangle! With our special 3 step process, we’ll restore the original luster of your deck, patio or fence.

Renew Crew is Different!

Durham residents have a great asset in Renew Crew of the Triangle. Many pressure washing companies use the highest setting possible to blast away dirt and grime. This can leave you with damaged plants and landscaping as well as gouged wood or concrete. Renew Crew believes in a gentler approach. Our secret is a special pre-soak that allows us to use a lower pressure setting to safely and effectively remove dirt, grime and even greyed wood fibers. But we don’t stop there, we finish off with a protective coating that seals in and enhances the natural beauty while protecting from harmful UV rays and harsh weather.

Don’t trust your deck to just anyone, trust Renew Crew of the Triangle!

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