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Fuquay Varina Wood Restoration!

Fuquay Varina pressure washing companies can do a great job of removing surface grime instantly. But without the expertise and experience of Renew Crew, you could end up with damaged wood and landscaping. Many companies rely on sheer force to remove the dirt and grime but Renew Crew of the Triangle has a better way.

Renew Crew’s Specialized Process!

Renew Crew has spent 20 year perfecting the process to give you a deep down clean without danger of damaged surroundings and surfaces. The secret is our pre-soak cleanser. This foaming agent seeps deep into every fiber of the wood or concrete surface. It loosens dirt and the particles that make your wood look grey and dull.

With our secret weapon deployed, we can use a gentle setting to carefully remove the loosened dirt, grime and grey fibers. Since we’re using less power, there is no damage to your surface or surrounding landscaping.

But we don’t stop there! We employ a final step that leaves your surface not only deep down clean, but protected from future damage and dulling. Our sealant does double duty to seal in and enhance the natural beauty of the wood or concrete, but it protects from harsh elements and harmful UV rays.

Let Renew Crew of the Triangle show you how great your outdoor living space can be!

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