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Restore Your Garner Deck!

Over time, your Garner deck can begin to look old and dull. Before you think of redoing your deck, consider restoration instead! Renew Crew of the Triangle specializes in restoring the beauty of your deck, patio or other outdoor living space. Unlike other companies, we’ll clean AND PROTECT!

Renew Crew is Different!

Our three step process allows us to use a lower setting to gently spray away the dirt and grime that’s been building up over the years. Our powerful, eco-friendly pre-soak foam cleaner loosens the deepest dirt and brings it to the surface to be sprayed off without any risk of damage. Then we seal in that uncovered beauty with our protective coating. Our sealants don’t just seal in beauty! They seal out the elements that can harm and dull your wood, concrete or pavers.

Renew Crew of the Triangle’s unique 3-step process will leave your Garner deck cleaned and protected!

Raleigh Wood Restoration

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