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Renew Crew Made Their Wood Deck and Play Structure Look Like New

Our deck was definitely starting to show its age and needed some TLC! In addition to that, we have a play structure which the stain was in equally bad shape and appeared to be a different color than our deck. By the time Chris and his crew were done everything was refreshed, matched and looked fantastic! I have been watching in awe as the rain water pools and drains off the wood instead of soaking into it! We are very happy with the service Wood Re New provided!

Wood Re New has since been renamed Renew Crew Raleigh

Renewed and Restained Their Mildewy and Splotchy Deck

Another company power washed our deck last year and put a natural stain on it. However, there were many areas where the stain didn’t take, leaving the deck with lots of white spaces. Wood Renew power washed it again and removed green mildew areas and restrained it with a cedar look. It’s beautiful! From beginning to the end, everyone was so professional, warm and friendly and so willing to make us happy. I would definitely recommend Wood Renew and will use them again every few years to make sure our deck maintains the look we desire.

Renew Crew Made Their Faded, Worn-down Porch Look Like New

Before, the porch (which is about 11 years old) was gray and showing wear and tear from the sun and the elements. After Wood Re New had cleaned and re-stained the wood it looked more than 100 percent better. I was impressed with the quality of the work as well as the quality of the workmen who did this job. They were professional, courteous and diligent in their work and the result is a job WELL DONE. You can rest assured that should I need this type of work done in the future, I would not hesitate to call upon your company again. Thank you for your professionalism and a job well done.

Renew Crew Brought Their Chemically Mistreated Deck & Porch Back To Life

My deck and porch are 25 years old and had not been treated for many years. I tried to clean it myself using an oxygen bleach, but that proved to be a big mistake. I sprayed, scrubbed, and it turned white. After seeing the ads for Wood ReNew, I called Chris to see if he could fix my disaster. Chris and his team restored my deck and porch to the beautiful cedar stain to match the tongue-in-groove ceiling on my porch. It looks like a new porch and deck. I wasted so much time, money, and muscles for a bad result. I should have called Chris in the beginning.

Renew Crew Made Their Decks “Simply Gorgeous”

Before Wood Re New came to work on my decks, they were grey and dirty. They also had some moss starting to grow in a couple areas. After the cleaning, the wood looked beautiful. It was a natural beauty, not a bleached starkness. After the staining and sealing, I can only say that my deck has the look of fine Scandinavian furniture. The grain of the wood was brought out and the overall color was simply gorgeous.

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