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Power washing vinyl siding — or any siding — won’t remove the deepest dirt. That’s why Renew Crew employs an exclusive 3-step process that loosens and lifts deep dirt from virtually any siding including vinyl, stucco, Hardie, painted wood and brick.

We’re Good…

There’s a fine line between pressure washing siding and gouging it away. Many companies use pressure so strong that it can chew apart nearby greenery or eat chunks out of your siding. Get the angle wrong and the dirt stays, but those heirloom trees are a goner.

Thanks to our 3-step cleaning process, we don’t need that kind of brute force. A pre-cleaning foam clings to your siding, loosening and lifting the dirt. Then we follow up with a non-damaging pressure washing: Siding comes out sparkling clean, and your landscaping remains intact.


The third step in our process is a special polymer that penetrates and seals the surface of your siding to slow the dirt buildup and the debilitating effects of the elements. Rain, snow, pollution and even UV rays are repelled. The natural luster and texture of your siding are enhanced and, if it’s made of wood, our polymer brings out the grain.

Better yet, our polymer protection seals pores so dirt can’t build up as quickly. That means your home’s siding will go longer, and look better, between cleanings. We pride ourselves on this aspect of providing superior service at an affordable price. We’re out to get your dirt, not your pocketbook.


Best of all, our proprietary products are eco-friendly. Unlike other power washing companies, we never use caustic acids, damaging pressure levels, chlorines or any other chemicals or systems that could harm your home or landscaping. Your children and pets are safe, and our gentle cleaning agents won’t bleach wood like chlorine does.

Pressure washing siding is equal parts science and art. The science is in our proprietary cleaning and sealing agents; the art is in our service, which starts with a free estimate and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Power washing siding will make your home stand out like the proud work of art it is. Which is why if you live in the Raleigh and Triangle area, call Renew Crew today and make your home look like new again.

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