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Wake Forest Wood Restoration and Renewal

Wake Forest homeowners know that pressure washing is great for removing surface dirt fast. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, that deep down clean you desired can turn into a headache and costly damage. Don’t risk damaging your investment with an inexperienced pressure washing service. Let the pros at Renew Crew of the Triangle breathe new life into your wood deck or concrete patio.

The Renew Crew Process

Renew Crew of the Triangle cares about your deck as much as you do. We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting our process to give you the most efficient, deep down, clean without risking any damage to your outdoor surfaces or the surrounding landscaping.
We start with a presoak foam to loosen even the most persistent dirt and gray wood fibers. Next comes our signature pressure washing, which is a lower pressure than most companies use but still powers away grit and grime. You’re left with the restored beauty of your wood or concrete. But we don’t just stop there. Our final step is what makes us stand out. We protect your deck, patio or fence from the elements including harmful UV rays with a sealant that also enhances the surface beneath. We don’t just clean your deck, we restore it!

Renew Crew of the Triangle makes your Wake Forest deck, siding, concrete, etc. look like new!

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