Renew Crew

Renew Crew Of The Triangle Terms and Conditions:

Renew Crew of The Triangle is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience. Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with all of our valued customers. This document provides some guidance for the customer/company process to be as smooth as possible. Past experiences have dictated having a document explaining some of the fringe expectations of the customer/company interaction.

Please read this Agreement carefully prior to using our Services. By accessing or using any part of our services, you agree to become bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

We try hard to capture all discussions that take place at the time of the estimate. Please review the estimate document completely and make sure all discussions are recorded. Anything that is not in the estimate is considered a change or addition to the scope and may result in additional charges. Additions to the scope after the job has been started cannot hold up payment of the original scope and must be paid in full unless Renew Crew gives an exception in writing.

We warranty and guarantee Renew Crew workmanship and stains for up to 1 year after completion. If the customer decides to aggressively clean the surface, uses a bleach product on the surface or mistreats the surface in any way, this warranty is voided. Brooming the surface and other non-abrasive cleaning of the deck is good for the longevity of the stain/sealer. Renew Crew would be happy to give instructions as to proper cleaning of the surface or we can do a periodic cleaning for a nominal charge.

The customer is responsible for all payments to Renew Crew of The Triangle unless otherwise notified in writing prior to commencement.

A deposit will be determined at the owner’s discretion for projects valued at or exceeding a $3500.00. Projects valued under $3000.00 we currently do not take a deposit upfront, however, it is important that payment is received at time of completion of the project. At times, a quick touch up is needed or a question arises with the project at completion. The customer, during these times, can hold a 10% retainer and the balance is paid once the job has been substantially completed until the corrections are made. We reserve the right to charge 3% service charge for any outstanding invoice not paid in full after 7 days.

Email confirmation of service is required for each project.

Omissions or potential issues must be brought to the attention of Renew Crew in writing within 48 hours after completion of the scope. Corrections of areas or fixes must be completed by Renew Crew unless otherwise given written consent from Renew Crew. Corrections or fixes to the project area or areas outside the project area done by the home owner or responsible person do not constitute a reduction of the contracted cost under any circumstances without written consent by Renew Crew.

We accept no responsibility for the guarantee of another product should customer choose to use products other than Renew Crew of The Triangle.

Scheduling dates offered for service are tentative and are subject to change due to weather or backlog that changes due to weather related issues.

Renew Crew of The Triangle is not responsible for removing customer personal items located on or below the service area. If the customer would like Renew Crew to move items, additional charges may apply. Scheduled removal or putting items back on the service area will be incorporated in the estimate in certain situations. (Renew Crew technicians are always happy to help special needs customers and situations.)

Any obstructions to the work area, including pool covers, are to be removed prior to service of the area. Renew Crew of The Triangle technicians will do their best to avoid debris entering the pools or other sensitive areas, but in some cases, this cannot be avoided.

Renew Crew, in order to strive to keep our customers happy, will always look to do something extra for our customers. However, some requests are just more work then we can incorporate into the estimate for free. Any requested additions to the scope of work will be billed to customer at the rate of $125.00 per hour for a 2 person team and $75.00 per hours for a 1 person team. If materials or product purchases are involved with the request, additional charges may apply.

Maintenance of the service area is not included in the estimate unless specified. It is advised to have the service area inspected annually.

Delays caused by other companies on site may cause work to be rescheduled and charges may apply in certain circumstances.

Renew Crew technicians are trained to take precautions around plants that are in close proximity to the work area. However, the area in close proximity to the working area is still susceptible to higher than normal water volumes, pressure washer hoses, light foot traffic, and overspray. Therefore, Renew Crew is not responsible for the wellbeing of plants surrounding the service area. Extra precautions around plants can be taken if the home owner notifies Renew Crew in writing prior to the commencement of work.

Oxidation is a chalky, light white substance that will form on your vinyl or hardboard siding that was pressure washed with too much bleach (that’s why we don’t use bleach in our pressure washing procedures) or is exposed to intense sun. When we are cleaning in very close proximity to your house, we may “clean” this oxidation from your siding. Please understand this is not damage to your siding, but just removal of the oxidation, which reveals the original color of your siding.

The choice of product (i.e. stain or sealer) is the customer’s responsibility. Renew Crew tries our best to give recommendations and show examples of similar jobs with similar stains and sealers. These discussions are for information purposes only. Additional charges may apply should the customer request to change the scope of work within 48hrs of the start of service or the choice of stain midway through or at the time the project has been completed.

Blending a new stain over an old stain can cause an inconsistent look. We try hard to use our expertise to help customers understand the final appearance, however, removal of the old stain is the only way to ensure as consistent of an appearance as possible.

All discounts are subject to change should the scope of work change.

Board replacement requests by the customer are documented separately on the estimate. If it is not on the estimate at time of approval, then it is not part of the scope.

Newly installed boards will normally provide a stark contrast when stained compared to the stain application to existing boards.

If it is necessary to re-clean the service area in result of customer actions, additional cost may apply. It is suggested that limited traffic on wooden structures and no traffic on concrete driveways and hardscapes between the cleaning and sealing/staining functions.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notification.

Should it become necessary to enforce any provision of this Agreement in either a court of law or equity, Gold Standard Triangle (DBA Renew Crew) shall be entitled to recover its costs related to enforcement or the collection of any sum and damages provided under this Agreement, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Thank you for your business! We Do Look Forward To Working With You!